Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When Work and Training Collide

As mentioned before, I have one of the most boring & least prestigious jobs in America.

Okay - that's not how I really feel, all the time. I work for an awesome company that has very exciting things going on, giving me amazing experience. What I dislike about it is how much I'm sitting and staring at computer screens, all. frappin. day. But....last week I got a second computer monitor - it basically changed my life.

Is that sad that I got so excited about getting a second computer screen? Wait, don't answer that.

Anyway, as is customary with most accountants, the months of January through March = busy season = hell. And no, not all accountants are busy during this time because of taxes (as is the common misconception). I'm in financial reporting, therefore my life revolves around a little document known as the 10K, our annual report that we file with the SEC.

When I haven't been sleeping, eating or running - it has been all 10K, all the time. So I was a little suprised when the following exchange took place at the gym this morning:

Co-worker (who just happens to also be Sal's boss): Hey, how is the 10K going?

Me: mean the 10 miler?

Co-worker: No, I mean the 10K.

Me: But, we did the 10K back at Thanksgiving, now we're training for the 10 miler.

Co-worker: No, the work document...that you've been staying late for and working on every day. Our year-end financial statements.

Me: Ohhhh....that 10K - yeah it's coming along.

Oy vey...I need a vacay,

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  1. haha! nice conversation!

    i'm a statistician, and when i got two monitors it changed. my. life.

    i came back from vacation, opened my office door, and BAM! it was christmas all over again!