Friday, February 18, 2011

About That Dream...

Not so very long ago, I shared with you guys the recurring dream I was having (and continue to have today) where I can't find the starting line on race day. Just recently, I happened upon this Runner's World dream decoder that, at the very least, makes me feel more sane because at least I'm not alone. 

My dream falls in the "Anxiety Dream" category: You show up with two left shoes on race day (check), oversleep (check. i literally have this dream every single night. no lie), or can't find the start (check)

WHAT IT MEANS: Anxiety usually indicates that you have some unresolved worry about the dream subject-in this case, a race, says Tonay. You may wonder if you're properly prepared or even if you really want to do it. (Ouch. That stings a little bit. And, before 2 weeks ago, was eerily accurate)

WHAT TO DO: Address your apprehensions. Stay on top of your training, and prepare mentally well before the race. Sports psychologist Steven Ungerleider suggests laying out your gear and visualizing the course several nights early, so you can rest easy on race eve. (Source: Runner's World)

Well, I'm addressing my apprehensions right now. I am absolutely terrified that I'll never see a finish line on marathon day. Every time I go for a run these days, I find myself calculating in my head how many times I'll have to do that run all over again in the marathon. The thrill of a good 6 mile run starts to fade because my thought process goes a little something like this: "Man, that run felt great. I'm going to be okay. But wait, that was only 6 miles. At the marathon, I'll have to run 20.2 miles ON TOP of what I just did. Could I do what I just did three and a half more times?? No. effing. way. Holy crap. But I have lots of time. I'm sure I'll be okay. At least, I think I'll be okay. Will I be okay?"

The truth is, I DO have plenty of time before the marathon. My relationship with running is in the early  honeymoon phase, and I need to focus on maintaining that newfound love rather than live in fear of the 26.2. So please go away nightmares, because I'm tired of this restless sleep. 

Sweet dreams,


  1. I've gone through similar experiences with race anxiety. Over the years of more & more races, it decreases & is manageable. Hang with it! :)

  2. You WILL be ok. Don't question it, believe it. Even if you don't believe it, pretend you do. Confidence will come!