Saturday, February 12, 2011

Coach Jenny's Treadmill Desk

Liv + I have had an unhealthy girl crush on Coach Jenny ever since I had the pleasure of working alongside her on the Health/Cooking Light Ship Shape Cruise. Jenny came onboard the cruise to teach running, stretching and fitness gear seminars while interacting with Health and Cooking Light's readers on a personal level. Her patience was astounding - especially as I raced around the ship like a mad woman overreacting to little issues here and there that seem laughably insignificant nowadays. 

She was also delightfully encouraging to Liv + me, casually pushing us to turn our morning walks around the ship deck into morning runs. I nearly jumped overboard when I realized that she is married to the Penguin, because his book, The Courage to Start, was my inspiration to train for the half marathon I ran in 2007 (after which I never ran again. Whoops).

And then, to truly solidify our obsession with Jenny, she was sweet enough to send some signed copies of her awesome books on training, along with a Nike i-pod toboggan thing that has come in very handy this winter.  

Sal + Liv with Coach Jenny. God, that carpet still makes me dizzy.
All in all, we've always thought Jenny is the But she just made us even slightly more obsessed (you should probably start feeling uncomfortable now, Jenny. You just might find us peering into your window at night) with this video. We can't even wrap our heads around how amazing this would be. And we're heavily considering forwarding this to our CEO because he's actually the kind of boss that just might go for it. Well, maybe if we weren't crammed like sardines into our cubes. But maybe one day (sigh). 

And yes, I know what some of you are thinking. Considering this little treadmill incident, it probably isn't the best idea for me. But a girl can dream. 


  1. So funny. Hopefully we won't hear of you two being thrown in jail for stalking any time soon! ; )

  2. This is America man....the land of innovations and smart ideas.....I like it