Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This Is It: Let the Training Begin

Today marks the first official day of our 10-miler training. Thankfully, the runs start relatively mild with a 3-miler today (which overachiever Liv woke up to do at the butt crack of dawn). This lingering thundersnow business makes us want to hibernate until spring, so we're a bit more reluctant to run outside these days. 

And we have an extra special challenge this weekend because Liv + Sal will be apart (Believe it or not. We do actually spend some time apart when we're not running/working/eating/carpooling together) for our first semi-long run. Okay. Okay. We see you real runners out there scoffing at our 6-miler. But it's hard for us, okay?!

Fear not though. Liv is NYC-bound with some footsy friends in training for the Country Music Half  Marathon, and Sal will be holding down the fort in DC and running alongside another footsy fan and soon-to-be guest blogger (Hi Megs! No backing out now :) 

Stay warm!

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