Monday, February 28, 2011

Run, Fat Boy, Run

I never really understand how half of the movies I receive from Netflix end up in my mailbox. I swear that Netflix has a mind of its own and adds random movies to my queue without my knowledge - which would explain why Netflix sends me "Understated Dramas with a Strong Female Lead" and "Visually Striking Cerebral Independent Documentaries." This would also explain why most of the movies I receive go unwatched for 3 - 4 weeks before I get so desperate [read: bored] that I finally break down and tear open that red envelope.

Well, I did just that this weekend and was pleasantly surprised. This movie is a few years old, so I'm sure many of you have already seen it, but I got a nice little laugh out of Run, Fat Boy, Run. It's basically the story of an out-of-shape Brit who attempts to win back his ex-fiancee's love (played by the absurdly gorgeous Thandie Newton) by running a marathon in London... with only 3 weeks of training. He goes through the predictable bang-ups and hang-ups that aren't too far-fetched from what Liv and I have experienced ourselves and, with the support of his unsuspecting trainers, manages to pull it together on race day.

I wouldn't say the movie gave me much inspiration for training, but it was certainly a comical take on out-of-shape folks (such as myself) trying to push their bodies to the limits. I enjoyed the very literal take on "hitting the wall" because I've lately been living in constant fear of when that moment will inevitably happen on marathon day.

Anyway, check it out for a laugh. Or, if you feel like being unproductive for a little while, check out this delightfully entertaining game


  1. Simon Pegg is Brilliant! ok, maybe that's too high, but I like his comedy... If you can handle more Brit humor, with a slightly gruesome edge, check out Hot Fuzz. There's a running theme buried in there, but it's more 'chase the bad guys' thing...

  2. Haven't seen this one, but thanks for the review - maybe I'll try it out.

  3. is that the guy from shaun of the dead? i should totally rent that.... and i'm pretty sure i could play that game for hours!