Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Another Musical Monday

I'm in New York this weekend hanging out with some buddies, one of whom has oh so graciously offered to provide some musical tunes to freshen up our playlists. Introducing Nina...

Now, there are a few things you should know about Nina before you decide if these beats are for you: for as long as both Liv + I can remember, Nina has never ceased to amaze us with how truly odd she is - just when we think we've finally grasped her eccentricities, she manages to stump us even further. She is the kind of gal that can pick up and move to Greece and return with a mantra all her own. She's never really cared about doing things the way most others do, and that usually carries over into her musical taste, too. Liv + I have ever so slowly adjusted to Nina's tendency to blare euro-techno-club music the entire time we're at her apartment (she claims that she'll walk down the aisle to this). And though I can't claim to be a techno convert, she's typically pretty darn good at picking tunes that get us pepped up to step out on the town. So, without further ado, here is Neen's extremely random musical tribute to Shoes Full of Feet. 

  1. Love You More - Armin Van Buuren
  2. With Every Heartbeat - Robyn
  3. Amazing Grace (Vocal Trance Mix) - Ramin & Silver
  4. Love Today - Mika
  5. Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z feat Alicia Keys
  6. Extreme Ways - Moby
  7. My Life Be Like Ooh Ahh - Grits
  8. Separate Ways - Journey
  9. Close My Eyes - Astroline
  10. Power - Kanye West
  11. Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
  12. This is My Life - Edward Maya
  13. Swimming in Miami - Owl City
  14. All The Above - Maino feat T-Pain
  15. We No Speak Americano - Yolanda Be Cool
  16. Russia Privjet - Basshunter 
  17. Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson


  1. That is an awesome playlist you have there! I love Basshunter, it is perfect running music!