Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Free Yourself

We did it y'all! WE JUST REGISTERED FOR THE 2011 MCM!!!!!

It only took thirty minutes after registration officially opened for both Sal + Liv to make it into the high traffic site, enter all of our information and click submit (i.e. click the button to determine our destiny for the next seven months).We nearly wet our pants when everyone started posting their bib #s to the MCM Facebook page and we couldn't get past the "Submit Now" button (and Liv now has about 300 new friends on the 'book because she decided to comment on the MCM wall. Well played, g-fri). 

So many things going through our heads right now - but I'd say we're mostly excited....or nervous...or, mostly excited.

But - here is a fantastic little jam to get us jazzercised...

Wish us luck (because we're kind of flipping out)!


  1. woo hoo! so many folks are registering..... aaahhhh the pressure!

  2. No turning back now! Glad you guys got in. Now the fun begins...

  3. Congrats on officially committing! Love that Nike commercial!


  4. I love the roller derby part. Congrats on getting into the MCM!

  5. Good job gals! just got real! I am loving that commercial you posted. ALMOST makes me want to get off the couch.