Thursday, February 3, 2011

Social Life and Training Don't Mix

I am really doing my darndest not to mess this training schedule up in the first week, but last night, Sal + Liv headed to Girl Talk at the 930 club. I had been looking forward to the show for forever, and it delivered! As one of my fave DC blogs put it, the "performance could best be described as the ultimate six-year-old's birthday party, but in the best way."

Dampening my spirits for the evening were all of the logistical plans I made to accommodate this concert and my training. I clearly make things too difficult on myself, when the point is to make things easier, ie. have less bags/coats to carry and keep up with, and most importantly - not drink and drive. Thus are the perils of city life and public transportation. It took a while, but after much thought and preparation, this is how it went down (or was supposed to go down):

Tuesday Night
  • Pick out work appropriate outfit that is also concert transformable.
  • Pack super huge bag containing make-up/face wash/hair prepping supplies/work clothes and shirt to change into for concert. (thankfully I did not require a shoe change)
  • Switch purses from super huge heavy (but extremely nice) purse, to thin, concert appropriate, throw over my shoulder purse that I don't have to stash in a crazy place at the club.
  • Pack salad for Wednesday lunch

  • Drive to gym at 6am for Pilates reformer cross training
  • Don't shower and try and fluff hair to make it look good for the few hours I'll be at work before coming back for Tabata Class. (this probably sounds gross, but I don't sweat in Pilates and I do in Tabata and I refuse to take two showers in a mere 6 hours)
  • Work for a few hours before changing back into gym clothes and walking back to gym for Tabata
  • Post class, shower and finally feel good about my appearance for the first time all day. Take a little bit longer to get ready than I normally would because of concert tonight.
  • Go back to work, count hours till I get to leave for happy hour to meet friends before show.
  • 5:00 Change in to concert appropriate shirt. Go down to parking garage and lock huge gym bag, winter coat, lunch box, and umbrella and rain boots (because it was raining yesterday morning again) in car to be left over night.
  • Walk across the street to the metro. Try to ignore people giving me weird looks because I'm clearly crazy walking outside in a short sleeve shirt with no coat and it's winter. (however, because the weather gods were smiling on me…it' was only a cool 45 as opposed to the normal below freezing - it's basically spring, thanks groundhog)
  • 6:00 Arrive at happy hour pre-concert meeting place. Have drinks
  • 8:30 Walk across the street to 930 for show to start. Dance boo-tay off. Realize I've never been this sweaty in my life.
  • 11:30ish Catch cab home, crash in bed.
  • 600am Alarm goes off to run 4 miles for day 2 of training schedule.
  • 6:05am Roll over let internal struggle commence. Sane part of brain on one shoulder says to sleep in and run after work. Guilt on other shoulder says to get up and run. Realize that guilt will win (it always does) and I won't be able to sleep well for final hour anyway, so might as well get up.
  • 6:15 Leave for four mile run. Possibly throw up along the way.
  • 7ish Return home shower and get ready for work.
  • 8ish Cuss to self because have to take metro since car is not at home.
  • 8:45 to 9ish Get to work. Retrieve make-up bag from car since make-up was left in gym bag. Pray I see no one I know in elevator up to office since I will look without make-up scary. Put on make-up in workplace bathroom. Hope no co-workers come in whilst doing that.
  • Probably treat self to an everything bagel with humus and avocado for breakfast as reward for running…..or to make hangover better.
All of the my carefully laid plans were followed. Until this morning. Said alarm did not go off at 6am this morning. I suspect mostly because such an alarm was never set. I have no idea why considering I took the time to set out my running clothes and shoes, I just "conveniently" forgot to set the alarm. Oh, and I didn't so much get to work at 8:45ish...try 9:30ish. But what I DID do is have my ET bagel...but now we all know it wasn't for any sort of reward.

So now what? Will I mess up the training schedule on day 2 and not run tonight? We already know that I'm not a nightly workout person. Also, it's really windy outside, and cold, and I'm tired, and I have to do laundry and pack for New York, and my legs are ridiculously sore from Tabata. But I'm thinking I can't just run the four tomorrow because my body needs at least one day of rest before I have to run New York....where they have 20+ inches of snow on the ground....also after having gone out the night before. Cuss my life. was worth it - I never go out on a school night.

Party on,

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  1. Pretty sure there was a bit more action before the "11:30ish Catch cab home, crash in bed" portion of the evening. But i guess it's easier to pretend like we didn't house a jumbo-sized vegetarian chili cheese fries. thanks for the memories, ben's chili bowl!