Thursday, January 20, 2011

10 Days to 10 Weeks to 10 Miles

So, as you may remember, we did not make the Cherry Blossom cut. And though it still stings a little okay, a lot, we are pretty darn excited about our Plan B. On April 10, Liv + Sal & Sis-in-Law Sus (and a few others that we're still in the process of recruiting. We're looking at you Willie Wonka & Megs) will be running in the Parkway Classic, a 10-miler starting at Mount Vernon and ending in Old Town Alexandria. Not only do we LOVE this course (running along picturesque George Washington Parkway) and the fact that there is less risk of getting trampled to death (as is most certainly the case with Cherry Blossom), but this race also spits us out in Old Town at prime brunching hour. Which means, we've been more focused on where we're eating afterwards than the actual training process.  

Alas, it's time to quit thinking about eggs benedict and start focusing on the 10 miles we have to run before we can taste our first mimosa. And since most 10-miler training plans typically start about 10 weeks before race day, that means we have to get serious in, oh... 10 days (Geez... that's a lot of 10s in one sentence). We've scoured the best (and not-so-great) training plans out there and finally settled on the beginner's approach to this Runner's World training plan developed by Larry Indiviglia, a certified personal trainer and director of run programs at Island Fitness in San Diego. 

Now, I like this plan because it gradually builds distance and allows plenty of time for both cross-training (essential for avoiding complete boredom and another one of these disasters) and rest (obvi my favorite days). My hesitation with this plan is that there is a lot of emphasis on heart rate and pace and other fancy technicalities that, frankly, just don't fit into my approach at the moment. I would love to think that I run slowly on purpose, but fact of the matter is that, I'm putting everything I have into my running every single day - some days, that comes out fast respectable - and most days, that means a slow-and-steady-finishes-the race pace. Regardless, I'll do my best to at least be conscious of how slowly I'm running so I can gauge whether or not I'll be able to finish this race before the sun sets.  

Oh, and one other reason this race totally rocks, there will be 50+ members from Back On My Feet - DC participating this year. Now, if that's not inspiration enough to sign up and get moving, I don't know what is (Ahem. Still looking at you Willie & Megs). 

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  1. Just signed up for the Parkway Classic! See you there Liv & Sal!!!