Friday, November 5, 2010

Meet Liv

I’m Olivia Champion – yes I know, my last name is bad a$$ – it was the reason I married an added bonus to marrying my husband. I’m a 26 year old person who sits at her desk all day and stares at the computer, i.e a CPA. I grew up in Birmingham, AL, and went to Ole Miss, and now I live in DC, and blah blah blah....we could go on - but lets cut to what you really need to know about me. Why do I want to run a marathon? I have no idea, I must be bat $hit crazy.

2nd fave activity: wine
The truth is - it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. To complete a marathon seems like such an honorable goal to have, yes? not to mention that being able to say you can, and have, run 26.2 miles makes you better than the people that haven’t. So last year (2009) I decided that I would run the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon. I even went online and downloaded this 30 week novice training schedule (fully aware that meant I didn’t have to start said training schedule until May). Then the months of fall and winter passed - complete with 3 major snowmagedons - and it was clear that I couldn’t run 3 miles outside without stopping, much less launch a training program. Exit: plan to run 2010 MCM, enter: self-pity for not adhering to honorable goal.

So what is different this time around - this time I’m 100% serious. I need purpose in my life. Not to mention the number one thing, to prove my husband wrong the fact that I have my best friend in the whole world to train with/force/endure the pain with/accomplish a goal with me. This time, it’s going to be done differently. We’ve got a plan...and a blog!

Here is another thing to know about me. [prepare for sidebar rant off subject] I have a blog obsession. I LOVE blogs. Google reader indicates that I currently have 46 blogs in my subscription did that happen?! Everything from blogs about parenting (a fave of mine being rants from mommyland – those women are whucktastic), blogs on DC, blogs on sports, blogs on design, cooking, the list goes on and on and on. My friends are quite aware of my obsession and I’ve been asked before – if you love blogs so much…why don’t you have one of your own? Well I’ll tell you why – I have NOTHING to blog about. I am boring. I have no precious children to post videos and pictures of with cute stories (except my cavalier king charles spaniel Tallulah – which I’m sure I'll talk about ad nauseum); I’m not creative in any way shape or form (unlike Sal who is quite talented) – I have no artistic or musical capabilities; as much as I wish I were – I’m not a world traveler. Most people (although I can’t imagine why) do not find accounting interesting – so that takes my career out of the picture; and as much as I love to cook - and I think I’m pretty good at it – there is that creative gene I’m missing. Which makes me a strict recipe follower to. a. T. But now – I’ve got something in my life that’s worthy of this online journal that I love so much. [end off subject rant]

And this time.....WE have a plan. We’ve got books, we’ve got inspiration, we got a pre-training, training plan...and most importantly.....we’ve TOLD internet strangers people, and now we can’t back out because these people (strangers and friends alike) will think we’re lame. We’ve added a level of accountability in the mix. And it’s all coming at ya with brutal honesty - the good the bag and the ugly, the bang ups and hang ups. Also, we’re 98 and 3/4 percent sure we’re going to do it!!


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  1. Awww Liv! I love it - so cute! I will look forward to your updates - maybe you will inspire me to do something great! loves!