Friday, February 25, 2011

You were warned...

It's official - 2011 now holds the record! In a mere 28 hours and 4 minutes, the race sold out. Last year it took six days. 2005 was the year to beat with a time of 62 hours, and beat it we did. Within the first hour, 30% of the field (including Liv + Sal) had registered. And prior to registration opening, the MCM was the number one search on Google. Thankfully, our footsy friends (Tess and Megs, one boyfriend and said boyfriend's father) all succumbed to peer pressure took our advice, and registered on day one.

This will likely be the only record that Liv + Sal can say we hold/were a part of, but we're okay with that - here's to finishing!
Liv has one friend who didn't get in. Now we're already crossing fingers for a bib transfer for him - so if any of you out there know of know where to go to find a runner.

Happy training!

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  1. It continues to amaze me how fast races are selling out these days. It's kind of awesome in a way because it means so many more people are getting into running - among other events. We are the heaviest we've ever been as a nation, but at the same time more and more races are selling out. Interesting really.