Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Packing Dilemma

So quick question for you folks out there: on a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is it really to run long distances in old sneaks?

There's a reason for this question: I'm headed out of town this weekend and will have to bang out my 10-mile run all by myself from my parents' house in B'ham. Running shoes take up some pretty valuable real estate in my tiny suitcase that is already crammed full of ball gowns (more on that later) and bulky winter clothes - and I absolutely without fail no question about it REFUSE to check my luggage. 

I have my old running shoes at my parents' house that have been in retirement for about 3 years, so can I run my 10-miles in those? Am I reeeeally putting myself at risk of injury? Or do I need to suck it up and bring home my current shoes that still have plenty of pep in their step?

What's a girl to do?


  1. Sal = best light packer in the history of ever! Liv = not worst packer in the history of ever because my mom wins that title, but I would NEVER be able to carry on luggage with the amount of parties that girl has on her schedule for this weekend. I just can't forsake my toiletries (stupid TSA liquid rule).

    As I realize I am 100 and 10% no expert on this matter - I just know that my knees are uber sensitive to worn out shoes, so I would have to pack the pair that still carries the punch. Sal has tough legs though and never seems to be complaining about any knee/foot/ankle ailments. Really curious to see what you experts (read: anyone with more experience than us) have to say on this one.

  2. I say, forget the shoes, and use the old ones. Most likely you will be fine with the old shoes for one run. Just my thoughts though.

  3. One run in old shoes will not be your undoing. Skip adding in the new ones! It's worth it to avoid checking luggage, for sure!

  4. I'm not an expert either, but I have uber sensitive knees too, so I would never forgo the newer shoes. old shoes kill me. but just a 10 miler you might be ok. I wouldn't do a 20 in them. just my 2 cents....(sally- I'm olivia's friend from bham and my husband is Bud Miller)

  5. I think you'll be okay - probably won't notice at all. Best wishes!

  6. Just a thought, but can't you just wear your running shoes on the plane and then you'll have them with you?

  7. lovely! you guys have been tremendously helpful. looking forward to taking my old school kicks for a spin around the 'Ham.

    and Michael, while that WOULD make entirely too much sense, my winter boots take up even more room than my sneaks - so i had to choose one or the other to sport on the plane (though my boots are nearly impossible to take on and off through security so this probably isn't my wisest decision). oh well. hopefully my newer kicks won't miss me while i'm gone. thanks guys!

  8. Hey guys, Steve here,

    Okay Sal, Here goes 2 scenarios.....
    1.Krewe Ball is dark so wear long dress and running shoes. no one will notice or if they do they will say " she is from UP NORTH"
    2. for God's sake is is Alabama in March.... what bulky winter clothes.. it was 80 last weekend here... that is not to say it won't be 20 this weekend. So forget the bulky stuff. bring the shoes!!
    And don't wear them on the plane .. you want to look cute in the airport, you never know who you might run into!

  9. ahaha! well i reckon i should probably check the weather report before i start griping around cold weather, huh? looks like the temp will be a balmy 65 this weekend - nevermind a few showers here and there. so maybe my shoes will make the trip after all - though i can't promise i won't be sporting them on the plane (comfort is comfort). and such a genius idea to ditch the heels and wear them at the krewe ball - surely the king won't mind - and much more conducive to gettin' my groove on.