Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good and Mostly Bad News

The bad news is that this happened...

Some punks thought it would be fun last night to throw a rock through my car window and terrorize my poor already-neglected Pathinder. 
  • GPS? Gone.
  • Favorite puffy jacket? Gone.
  • Backpack full of sweaty gym clothes? Gone. (Would love to see their faces when they unzip that backpack).
  • Ipod full of all my very favorite tunes? Gone.
  • My BRAND NEW and highly-debated-before-actually-purchasing yurbuds? Gone. 
  • Running shoes??? Gone. (Does this get me out of running 8 miles today??)
  • Brand new never worn Cole Haan shoes & Ray-Ban sunglasses? Gone. 
  • Sister-in-law's birthday present and card? Gone. (Sorry, Sus. Oh and Happy Birthday!).
So, not exactly the best of mornings. I can't say I'm particularly loving dear ole DC at the moment. But  I promised some good news in this post, so here goes... Beneath the rubble of all the shattered glass and trash the dear punks left for me, guess what I found? None other than my lululemon Alpine tights. That's right! Sticky fingers didn't even know a good thing when s/he saw it. So even though I'm mad at the weather and pending snow that is supposedly coming through tonight (seriously weatherman?? It's almost April!!!), at least I have my oh so warm Alpine tights to get me through this mess. That is, of course, once I buy some new running shoes :(


  1. That really, really stinks! So sorry you have to deal with it. Glad, at least, that you got to keep the great tights!

  2. So sorry to hear about the break in, but SO glad that you are okay.

  3. That's horrible - glad no one was harmed!

  4. Wow, that totally sucks!! I'm so sorry. I would be totally ticked - NOT COOL!

  5. That's so awful! I hope the police can find the punks who did that to you and get your stuff back.

  6. Boo! People make me so mad! Sorry you had to go through this...

  7. thanks for your comments, guys. i had to put on my big girl pants today and put the whole situation in perspective - though extremely frustrating, i reckon it's not so terrible in the grand scheme of things. plus, the day got a heckuva lot better after Liv bought me some ice cream (yes, I'm 5 years old) and I replaced my running shoes. i have 8 miles of therapy tomorrow to put this whole mess behind me.