Thursday, March 10, 2011

5 Mile Therapy

Whenever we have a 5-mile day, Liv + I don't even have to discuss our route because our feet naturally move along the following path...

We typically meet up on the corner of Liv's street while it's still dark and the city is empty. 

We then run through Burleith, pass by Visitation (and  my old house) and continue toward Palisades by way of the Georgetown  Hospital.

Georgetown Visitation by John W.
From there we run past the cutest farm house in all of DC (Okay, that's debatable but we love it. We'll snap a photo when it's not so dark in the morning) and then sprint downhill to (illegally) cross Canal Road. Next we hop on the Capital Crescent Trail at the Fletcher's Cove Boathouse and enjoy the solitude of the early morning. 

There are so few runners and bikers in the early hours, that we sometimes spread out across the entire path... until we hear the jingle of bikers' bells politely asking us to share the way. 

As we round back into Georgetown along the water, sometimes we continue on the C&O Canal (depending on whether or not we feel like racing up the stairs to get there). 

C&O Canal by M.V.Jantzen
Photo by rwoan

And other times, we finish down on K Street...
Key Bridge by JosephLeonardo.
We then head up to M Street toward home... by way of Starbucks for a little morning boost. 
Photo by Jim Malone.

M St. by Geetarchurchy
We begin sipping our coffee as we stroll home - taking in the early morning sounds that will soon transform into a yet another boisterous day. Our favorite days are when we catch a certain mom on 31st Street sending her children off to school on the bus - she always looks so sad to see them go each day and gives them such an endearing farewell (I wish we had a photo - but I'm pretty sure that she has already noticed us staring at her, so she might take out a restraining order if she see's us with a camera).

We take in the softness of the morning as the wind blows through the trees (my attempted poetic mush is nearly over, I promise).

And as the sun begins peering through the trees, I scurry home along Q Street to get ready for the day. 

Not too shabby for an early morning run, eh? I think I needed this reminder of how lucky I am to live in D.C. considering how much I'm hating the process of finding a new apartment right now (sigh)


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow. i never would've guessed that area looked like that. eyeball therapy fo' sho.

  3. That looks awesome - what beautiful pictures! Hopefully I'll start getting off my butt and running in the mornings in DC too :)