Monday, November 14, 2011

Bike Desk = Awesome Sauce

Not too long ago, we were gushing over Coach Jenny's treadmill desk, but now I'm completely enamored with the Kickstand, "a large, adjustable desk stands 45 inches high and can be raised up to 47 inches, allowing it to accommodate small, medium, or larger riders."

“The key is finding the balance between cadence and heart rate, and your ability to stay focused on a given task,” adds [company founder and avid cyclist Dan] Young. “The interesting thing I’ve found is that there is a sweet spot where my focus actually seems to increase, and I become more disciplined about accomplishing the task I’m working on.” 

One (very important) thing to note, while the concept is totally stellar - the price, not so much. Call me crazy, but i find $1,990 retail to be a wee bit excessive (and that's only the price of the desk - it doesn't include the stationary trainer or bike). It seems to me like throwing a normal table up on some cinder blocks would work just fine, too. Nevertheless, Kickstand Furniture, Ltd. is working on some cheaper options soon - and I also imagine there will some knock-offs coming out in the not too distant future.

More information here.

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