Monday, November 28, 2011

Just Another Musical Monday

I've received a few recent requests for a long overdue Musical Monday, but sadly, my playlist has lately been limited to the soothing sounds of fusion. I've been kinda addicted to yoga for the past few weeks, so I'm a lot more likely to get meditative chants stuck in my head rather than Indie beats.

Thankfully, the folks at New Normal Music are always around to keep me young and hip. I was a little startled when I flipped over to this site and heard one of my favorite Birmingham groups belting out some familiar tunes. I've been kind of mesmerized by Great Book of John since the first time I saw them play several years ago at Bottletree Cafe in the 'Ham. Front man Taylor Shaw has a certain jen ne sais quoi that kinda leaves you with your jaw on the floor and a lovestruck twinkle in your eye (this applies for dudes too btw). They put out a self-titled album this summer that is rather delightful, though I'm still a little partial to their 2009 album Yves' Blues. Honestly, it's a win-win situation. Just make sure you check 'em out.

The Great Book of John by Communicating Vessels

Also, I highly recommend the soundtrack from Crazy. Stupid. Love. It's a sweet little collection of reminiscent songs, including what is probably one of my all time favorite tunes (that I'm pretty sure has already been featured on this here blog so just deal):


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