Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How Do They Wear That

It blows my mind when I see people wearing crazy costumes in races.  One word comes to mind - chafing.  How could it not happen in starchy, itchy polyester costumes?  How could they not be miserably hot?  How do they do it for a 5k, forget the people that do it for a full marathon?

The Marine Corps Marathon is always the last Sunday of October, so naturally, close to Halloween.  Last year it was actually on Halloween.  Chris snapped some good shots this year along the course of these costume clad individuals.

There was a shark

several penguins

and a few that actually didn't look too uncomfortable, like a bee

and a Mrs.Waldo looking for her match. She was pretty cute with her "Looking for Waldo" sign.

This guy made the news as he ran the entire thing barefoot and in a tuxedo. 

Spectator superhero got in on the action

So seriously guys, what's the trick to running in outfits like these?  A Vaseline bath?  

I can't thank my sweet husband Chris enough. Not only did he document the whole experience, but he was so amazing the whole weekend, chauffeuring our family around, herding cats the day of the race making sure they were at all of the viewing spots in plenty of time to see me, waking up at the crack of dawn to drive us to the metro.  I couldn't do any of it without your support.  


  1. Yes, those people always baffle me! I'm always struggling to stay cool, so a costume would never cut it for me!

  2. nothing beats the man dressed as a devil in too tiny shorts that didn't exactly cover his essentials. eww.

  3. ugh - still trying to get that visual out of my mind. Thank goodness we don't have a picture of that to share.

  4. I actually have a Supergirl costume that I've worn in several races (starting with MCM 2010) with no problems. I think the trick is to pick your costume based on what will be good for running, rather than deciding what you want to be and then trying to find a costume that works.