Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Signs of MCM

I promise I am working on my Marathon recap post. We all know how long-winded and wordy I can be. I'm trying to ensure it won't take 49 minutes to read.

In the between time - I wanted to share a few of my favorite spectator signs from Sunday. The spectator spirit and crowd support was one of my favorite things about the marathon. I really appreciated the people that went above and beyond to make signs, resulting in a few seconds of relief in not thinking about running or how many miles I had left to go when I would read and ponder their signs.

These people really got creative and ranged in spirit from Captain Obvious:

To inspirational:

To funny:

This one hit's close to home as I am down 2 toenails. Oh, TMI? Sorry bout that..

A popular theme was the "Occupy" protest:

And finally my favorite, at mile 24 (so we technically we were almost there) these two presented side-by-side:

Any favorite signs you've seen before?