Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dogma of Down Dog

As the days get shorter and shorter this time of year, it's pretty darn easy to get stuck in a rut. Sometimes I can't help but grow weary of the monotony: wake up, go to work, keep working, work some more, never see daylight, hopefully squeeze in a workout, go to bed. (Sidenote: I know there are plenty of overstretched parents out there who tackle each day as a balancing act and would probably sometimes kill for some of that monotony.)

There's just something about this time of year that makes you want to pull an Eat Pray Love stunt and break free of the cycle. 

I've been feeling a little antsy lately, so I was delighted to wake up on this dreary rainy morning and find this lovely little email from Patty of DC's Down Dog Yoga:

I love my morning ritual. To wake up and be able to enjoy the stillness that comes along with early morning rising is one of my favorite things in life. As I sit here with a hot cup of French Press, I am realizing just how much I love the mundane of the everyday. 

As humans we are creatures of habit. And with life being as impermanent as it is, we rely on the comfort our daily routine offers.

But only so much is possible in this routine state because we can only grow as much as our space allows.  And when we reach our limit, change becomes essential in order to expand the experience of self.

All photos via The Atlantic | National Geographic Photo Contest 2011
So poignant and true. A very happy mundane Tuesday to you all! 

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