Thursday, November 17, 2011

PMS: The Other Kind

Bloating, irritability, food cravings, pain, fatigue... all symptoms of PMS. Along with comparison shopping, feelings of worthlessness, sadness, pessimism, feeling lost and rounding down.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, you may be a victim of PMS - otherwise known as Post-Marathon Syndrome. (It's a real thing, okay?) Apparently it's quite common to feel a little blue after you've finished something huge like a marathon. And according to Coach Jenny, it's not such a bad thing either...

"There are great benefits to living in this space for a little while. One, it allows you to slow down enough to heal and rejuvenate. And two, when you sit with it, you can gain awareness of the natural phases of a marathoner's life and see it as an opportunity to run seasonally and make the most of the free time." (Via Ask Coach Jenny)

So how do you break through the emotional torture? Well, for one thing, remember that time is relative. Just because you (meaning "me") didn't meet your goal time, it doesn't mean you didn't accomplish something awesome. And "one runner's personal worst is another's personal best." Then start to consider the following questions:

What were the lessons in this race? And what were the gifts?

For me, the lessons were: I committed to running too long of a race before I really loved anything about running. And, you can't cheat your body into thinking it's more prepared than it really is. Aaaand, I can't compare myself to my dear running mate, Liv, who just so happens to be awesome at goal setting and sticking with a plan and doing lots and lots of athletic things a billion times better than me (sigh). The gifts? My totally awesome support crew and running buddies and strangers cheering and the total rush knowing that, "I finally did it."

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