Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MCM According to Liv: Part 1 (sorry y'all - tried not to)

It's been over a week - time to bang this thing out.

But, all you bloggers out there, when I just logged in to start this post, it alerted me that Blogger has a new interface view - and I think we might FINALLY start to be friends.  I am loving it, seems much more user friendly.  For some reason from the beginning of this whole blogging journey, all of my posts turn out whack and Sal has to reformat.  It doesn't help that I'm not the most technologically savy (or technologically patient)  person you'll find.

I'ma start my recap with the Expo.  I served as the footsy representative and picked up both of our packets.  Packet pick-up was ever so smooth.  It was held in the National Guard Armory with free parking and easy metro access.  You first entered a separate tent with different booths lining both sides indicating bib pick-up based on your number.  Because our bib numbers were close enough in number, ours were at the same booth, and there was no line, AND they were all manned by handsome, gentlemanly, helpful marines (in uniform).

From the tent you took your bib and your pens and your "commemorative patch" into the main expo building for T-shirt pick-up. Seriously - my one and only complaint on the WHOLE way the marathon was run and or managed was that we didn't like the T-shirt.  Best described as an Ed Hardyish biker-chic mock turtleneck.  And if you like any of those things I just mentioned - rock on...just not my style.  However, I will keep it (because I might have hoarder tendencies) and treasure it always, and probably wear it around my house for warmth or possibly for early morning freezing runs.   Here is what it looks like (courtesy of random internet strangers):

Except where it says "Semper Fi," ours says "Competitor."  And I do dig the "Marines" down the arm.

THEN, the best part of the whole expo - while waiting for husband to meet me, I stumbled upon the Newton booth.  The weekend before the marathon Sal and I attended the last Down Dog Yoga class in partnership with the marathon.  Post yoga we attended a little drills seminar put on by Newton at the Lululemon across the street.  I tried on a pair of Newtons a way long time ago but didn't know enough at the time to appreciate their purpose or capability.  Plus, they are expensive when compared to my go-to Nike Pegasus.  At this little seminar we all put on a pair of Newtons and did about 20 minutes of running drills, focusing on proper form and efficiency.  I was pretty hooked, even though the point of the seminar was not to sell us Newtons - as no one would recommend someone switching to a minimal efficiency shoe with an adaptation period a week out from a marathon.  But I made up my mind - they were going to be my post-marathon running present to myself.  When I found them at the expo and found them on sale they became my post-marathon running present to myself purchased three days before the marathon.  I plan to run the first mile in them this week.  Stay tuned for an update on how my adaptation to the Newton Gravity is going.  Any tips from Newton fans out there?

And THEN -  husband bought himself a pair of shoes.  Also on sale.  The sales guy was a leeetle put out by the fact that he was buying shoes without having a "proper" gait analysis - but with a few tests right there in the expo we were pretty confident he needed a neutral shoe and hey, baby steps.  I was just glad he wanted some running shoes and it was his own idea to boot.  

 And THEN, after all that, apparently I wasn't an efficient expo attendy, as I returned the very next day for forgotten items, read:  a certain MCM Brooks shirt that I couldn't quit wishing I'd bought myself; to have a chat with the 4:30 pace group leader and pick up a pacing band; and most importantly - my "hazmat" all-weather suit (see below).

Yes - after confirmation that it was indeed going to be 33 degrees at the start on Sunday, I panicked and realized that I had to get to a Target or Walmart STAT! for cheap, throw-away sweats.  But that's one of the things about living in DC that is the complete opposite of living in suburbia.  In our entire two years of living here - I have not once been to a Walmart.  (I have been to a Target - but only twice).  Contrary to what I used to believe, I really don't "need" to go to these stores and wander the aisles aimlessly and spend large amounts on random things.  So - when I found the hazmat suit on my encore visit to the expo and it boasted all the benefits of sweats with the bonus of being tear-able, windproof and less bulky, I was all "done and done" - cross a trip to Alexandria that I don't have time for anyway off my list.

So here we are, freezing, on marathon morning, beginning our trek to the starting line from the Rosslyn metro station.  And I was only a little wasn't even self-conscious of what all of the super runners were thinking of my awesomeness because I was so warm.  

And this is where I'm going to leave it hanging.  To be continued at the start....

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