Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy (Belated) Birthday to Us!

Whoops! Well, that's embarrassing! It seems as though we forgot to celebrate our own birthday. Shoes Full of Feet turned one last Saturday, and boy, has it been an eventful year. We went from hardly being able to run a mile to finishing a marathon (!), and we documented every step of the way right here. 

This lovely little blog has always been here to hold us accountable and force us to stick to our goals, even when we weren't so attentive in return (We have no excuses. Sorry for our occasional absence, blog). It has also introduced us to a world of internet friends and fitness resources and inspirational stories that we never would have found without the blogosphere. So thank you for helping us accomplish our goal, Shoes Full of Feet. And thank you to all of our readers who have supported us from afar. You have started us out on a lifelong journey of healthfulness and we look forward to seeing the many places we venture together in the future.


  1. Wait! Does this mean you are going to be blogging anymore? I have loved reading you this past year - as I am twice your age with a knee injury I defered until next year but was hoping that you would continue with your always insightful experiences,,,,,,I feel like I know you and was watching on the sidelines during the marathon and cheering you on!

  2. oh don't worry your pretty lil' head, friend! our scatterbrained ramblings on this here blog will continue until we're hunched over in the nursing home - and maybe even then. thanks so much for reading - and best of luck getting that knee back in tip top shape for next year's race!

  3. yes! I will always need your musical mondays!