Thursday, October 20, 2011

On Repeat

Holy countdown batman! How did that little counter right there go from three digits (in the 300s no less) to single digits?! Time warp, that's the only possible answer.

It's a little late in the week for a Musical Monday - and let's face it, that's Sal's area of expertise. After all, most new music I like comes from her suggestions or I stumble upon via Pandora.

My marathon music plan is similar to hers: remove head phones in the parts of the course with heavy crowd support, but pop them in for inspiration and a pick-me up when necessary.

One song I know I'll be going to, probably more than once during the race, "My Body" by Young the Giant. It's quite clear that my body is going to be telling me "no" (more like screaming), but I won't quit*

I'd recommend it for any runner's playlist.

"It's my road" - 9 days homies!

*I will do my very very very very very best to not quit, come hell or high water (or death or injury).

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