Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dooce Does NYC

As previously stated, I LOVE blogs. There are so many blogs I follow and on such a variety of topics that it is truly hard to keep it all straight. I am sadly serious when I say I go out of town for one weekend and my reader will come up with >400 "while you were out" entries. It's become quite clear that I'm much better at reading other's blogs that I am at writing my own. I've decided my ideal career in this world would somehow involve reading and finding all of the really great blogs and entries and bringing them to the people. I'll point out the best stuff that's out there so you can get the highlights, the not to be missed, and the need to know. You guys...this is necessary, it's what I should be doing, not this accounting stuff (insert wah-wah pedal). I digress...

One of my favorite bloggers, Heather Armstrong of, is running the New York City Marathon just a week after we take the MCM by storm. Heather is oh so many things: a hilariously talented writer, ex-Mormon BYU grad, mom to two precious daughters and two photogenic dogs, Valedictorian of everything, a voice for those who have battled or are battling depression, etc. etc....and now a runner and you all should be reading her blog. She also follows the Paleo diet which, intrigues me because I think it's pretty spot-on with the way we were meant to nourish ourselves. She's just one of the many people inspiring me to jump on board...just as soon as I find the self-discipline and the time to figure it all out. (again with the digression, must stay on point)

So Heather only announced on her website that she would be running the NYC marathon in the middle of September, leaving only 50 or so days to train. I would be freaking out. But she is a machine, already in great shape and recently completed The Other Half Marathon in beautiful Moab Utah. Earlier this year she partnered with Christy Turlington Burns (yes the super model) and her non-profit organization Every Mother Counts on their trip to Bangladesh. Now Heather and their team of 9 are running for such a worthy cause.

Every day I look forward to what Heather has to say about her journey in training and her new found love/hate of running (she's picked up on the fact that it's a bi-polar relationship). Can't wait to follow her and the team as they take on NYC.

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  1. Congratulations on the incredibly moving!
    I googled 'nyc marathon dooce' and found you. When I read your "About"
    I lol'ed, "HA" because I've been trying to get hooked on runningfor 15 years, off and on...mostly off...feel like I have lead feet. On a lark
    I tried a pair of Vibram five toe shoes. Walked around the store for 30 mins, getting over the toe thing...but then...they felt so real and natural! 2 short runs on trail or grass...I could run like a kid! (I'm 43) That feeling of LOVE to run! Wore them on an 8k mud run, worked like a charm. Great for cross training. I'm following dooce on twitter. How fortunate are we to be able to put one foot in front of the other? I'll never do a marathon...or a half marathon, lol. My 14 year old son beat me by a minute on the mud run, he's only getting faster...that means...HA :)