Sunday, October 23, 2011


*GULP* You guys, one friggin' week from today, from this very second (well the very second that the post posted) the gun will go off and we will be on our way to...making history? A certain slow and untimely demise? 4+ hour of misery? One of the greatest days of our lives? The greatest legal/natural high on earth? Well - we're not quite sure, verdict still out - but whatever it is, we're really looking forward to it and as of now...wait now, no riiiiggghhht NOW, we're super ready with the best attitude and we feel confident that our goals of finishing the race and having fun are within reach.

And guess what - you can watch it all go down, right here in our @ShoesFullofFeet twitter feed. You'll see as Liv + Sal each complete the 10K, 20K, 30K, and finally...40K distances. Oh the powers of Social Media.

We're actually not so sure this is the best idea - but you know what, we've been pretty dang honest with the inter-webs as this process has unfolded, so why stop now? And if you see our feed somehow magically disappear then I guess we cut out early, likely reason: distraction by mimosas.

If you have a runner you'd like to follow in the MCM, sign up here to receive text message alerts as you follow their progress. Or convince them to feed it directly to their Facebook page. We don't know yet if we have the courage for that level of full disclosure.

Tweet us on, we'll need it!

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