Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Think Healthy Thoughts

I finally went to an Urgent Care Center this morning. A little over a week with this nagging cold and no improvement wasn't adding up - and the ticker is ticking mighty fast for Sunday's approach.

Never did I imagine the woman holding the new age thermometer that only touches your temple would then say (as if it were no big deal mind you) - "You have a fever of 101." 101?!?! Doesn't she know I'm running a marathon on Sunday.

Insert one Z-pack prescription for what could be Bronchitis (it's fine, I don't need to use my lungs or anything to distribute oxygen to my muscles and all of my viatal organs), specific instructions to take IB Profin and a good cough syrup at every possible maximum dosage hourly interval, and required sleep.

Per-fect, I didn't want to run that last run of 30 to 40 minutes tomorrow anyway, it's supposed to rain. This doctor didn't seem to get it. Didn't she pick up on the inflection in my voice as I said, "but I'm running a marathon on Sunday." That was code for "don't you have anything stronger?" Well it was code - until I finally asked her straight-up for something stronger. Apparently she didn't believe in miracle shots or boosters of the sort.

I have super timing! Please send healthy thoughts my way.

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