Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Another Musical Monday

My music library has been looking a little sad lately. And I just started a new job last week, so frankly, my days of searching for new tunes are a thing of the past. Thankfully, Megs and the fine gals of Urban Chic came to my rescue with a mix of older tunes and some lovely new additions to my playlist. Enjoy!

my first earthquake - pick up stick up - nikon d5100 - 1080p 24fps from El Zumpango on Vimeo.

  1. Yours to Keep: Teddybears
  2. Cobrastyle: Teddybears
  3. I Can Talk: Two Door Cinema Club
  4. Save the World (radio mix) by Swedish House Mafia
  5. Knife- CSS
  6. Why I Love You- Jay-Z, Kanye West
  7. Bounce- Etienne
  8. History (feat. Linda Sundblad) – Kleerup
  9. Bullets (Nause & Adrian Lux remix) Rebecca & Fiona
  10. This Little Girl – Cady Groves
  11. Hearts- Blair
  12. Abducted- Cults
  13. Go Outside- Cults
  14. Janglin’- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
  15. My Mistakes- Eleanor Friedberger
  16. Houdini- Foster The People (really anything by Foster the People)
  17. Ceiling of Plankton- Givers (and anything by the Givers, too)
  18. Pick Up Stick Up- My First Earthquake 
  19. Don’t Cry Out (Teenagers Remix)- Shiny Toy Guns
  20. We Speak No Americana (remix) –Warren Zevon


  1. Seriously...what would I do w/o your cool music?

  2. so glad you're diggin' these, rachel! these tunes have definitely pumped me up for some runs this week.