Monday, October 10, 2011

Marathon Music

Holy smokes we're in the 'teens! Just a mere 19 days away from embarking on 26.2 miles of misery long-awaited adventure. So here's a question for you: to run or not to run with an ipod?

It's perfectly understandable that some would consider it rude for runners to trot along with their ipods. After all, hordes of folks have trekked out to the sidelines to yell and cheer the runners on, and there they go, just a'boppin' along to their Lady Gaga without a care in the world. 

But at the same time, a marathon is a looooooong time to run. Anyway you bend it, there will be moments along the race when high-fiving a 5-year old on the sidelines just isn't enough to keep you going. A little jolt of some upbeat tunes is oftentimes the only way I can carry on. 

So... to each his own, I reckon. For me, I'll be tuning in to my TBD (input needed!!) marathon playlist. But only at points along the course when the audience is sparse (or completely non-existent around Hains Point), and when I absolutely need that extra push. 

Now comes the most important question: what tunes pump you up? We're working on the ultimate running playlist, compiling all of the best tunes from past Musical Mondays along with recommendations from our friends and readers. Send us your favorite running songs by commenting below and we'll pull together the Ultimate Marathon Playlist (I said that in a very dramatic voice in my head). 

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  1. Here are some songs I love:

    Remember the Name - Fort Minor
    Barracuda - Heart (I also love Magic Man)
    Touch, Peel and Stand - Days of the New
    Tomorrow - Silverchair
    All Right Now - Free