Sunday, November 7, 2010

You're a Hunk of Burning Love, Peña

I mean, c'mon. For realsies? If Edison Peña aka "the Runner" (the Chilean miner who was trapped in a mine for 69 days) can finish the NY Marathon, surely we can do this, right?? 

Liv + I just finished our first run together, and it wasn't pretty (for me, at least). I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, and then came back to discover that Peña actually finished. I mean, the man whittled his boots down to running shoes and ran through pitch black dark mining shafts - never more than 6 - 7 miles a day - and he crossed the finish line today. Furthermore, he's inspiring others to do it to:

"First, I want to run this marathon, but secondly, I'd like to motivate those people who aren't running the marathon to do so in the future. I also want to especially motivate young children and youth to run because running makes you free."

You're a total bada$$, Peña. Consider us motivated... and a wee bit convicted. Paso a paso, we hope to make you proud. This one goes out to you, amigo...

Oh, and just in case you missed it, here is our hero stealing our hearts on Letterman last week...


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