Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Victoria's Not-So-Secret Fashion Show

Aww cuss! It's that time of year again when bronzed beauties like this descend down on earth to make our lives miserable. And of course they would choose to air this thing just days after Thanksgiving - the one time of year when we convince ourselves that there is absolutely nothing wrong with second... or third... or fourth helpings.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has "become known as the 'Super Bowl' of fashion shows" and with good reason. These women are not human. And they clearly provide unrealistic expectations for us normal folk.

Even so, it would be easier to hate the models strutting their stuff in practically nothing if we didn't know how hard they worked to squeeze into those g-strings. Now, don't get us wrong, the girls are CLEARLY blessed with a healthy genetic pool; however, the Fashion Show also serves as a good reminder that, with the right determination (such as, say, walking down a sea of glitter wearing this) and the proper balance of exercise and healthful eating, it is somewhat possible to whip ourselves into [better] shape. Now BY NO MEANS do we have any intention (or realistic expectation) of ever looking like these freaks of nature fine young women, but we're at least inspired enough to kick up our workout routine a bit. Aaaand, we'll be doing just that this week, thanks to these training tips from Victoria's Secret Trainer Brett Hoebel:
  1. NUTRITION! Cut out the caffeine and alcohol (or at least limit it), limit your intake of the "white devils" (white flour, sugar, bread). PUT DOWN THE SKINNY LATTE.
  2. If you can't do a full push-up, use a raised platform (such as a body bar on a squat rack) and continue lowering the bar until you could do a full one.
  3. Always perform a talk test to ensure that you¹re working hard enough. If you could easily have a full conversation, work harder! [sidenote: yeeeaahhh... this one isn't a problem for us. Sadly, liv + sal run out of breath at the 1 mile mark]
  4. Get out of the mindset that more time at the gym equals better results. On the contrary, a shorter workout with more defined movements is much more effective.
  5. Focus on compound movements that target multiple muscles at once (such as the squat/press).
Tune in tonight for a little depression inspiration.



  2. Have you watched the Victoria Secrets commercial....."What is your fantasy"?
    I love it....wow