Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble

Happy Turkey Day, folks! We've migrated south for the holiday, so we'll be hitting the pavement in our hometown.

As Thanksgiving officially kicks off the holiday season (read: non-stop eating, drinking and being merry and/or stressed), here's the ever present dilemma: 

How do we enjoy the holidays, while not putting our selves into food comas (thus, less likely to go out for a nice 4 mile run), and not succumb to the holiday weight gain? Especially when all of our favorite holiday traditions revolve around food!

Popular answers might include but are not limited to:
  • Self-discipline (Ha! Easier said than done)
  • Portion control (Again - not exactly one of our strong suits)
  • Run a holiday themed race (i.e. Turkey Trot, Jingle Bell Dash)
  • Run/workout more so we can eat more (but it's so much easier to hibernate and store up for winter)
  • Don't go to a party every night (enough with the tacky Christmas sweater parties, people)
We'll be developing our plan....just as soon as we wake up from our post-turkey naps! 

Gobble Gobble,

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