Friday, November 12, 2010

Foodie Friday: Let's talk lunch

Don't mind my uber cool lunch box
My husband might be a bit of a penny pincher. Which, as much as it drives me crazy sometimes - it's actually needed to keep me in line great that he is thoughtful like that. One of the ways that he watches our wallets is by insisting suggesting that we bring our lunch to work every day. While packing the tin pail definitely helps the bank account, I've realized that it also helps my waistline. Nobody loves to eat out as much as this girl, but it's clear that bringing my lunch every day keeps the calories consumed down and the portions in check.

Even so, I like to keep things interesting. My husband could eat a turkey sandwich every day of his life and be perfectly content - but I need a little more variety. One night for dinner last week we had fajitas (I used whole-wheat tortillas to make our meal a little healthier). As I was planning out my weekly trip to the grocery I got an idea to use the left over tortillas for my lunch this week - so I will be having wraps instead of the usual sandwich. And then I got a little more creative and decided to add more vegetables to my lunch (which was clearly needed considering this not-so-lovely article from Health this week).

I purchased some humus (the roasted garlic kind - yum!), a red and green pepper and a red onion. I also got the usual turkey - for the hubster - and a few slices of havarti cheese from the deli.To make my mornings easier, I sliced up all the vegetables Sunday night and put them in baggies.

For Monday I went the vegetarian route [editor's note from sal: thanks for NOT thinking of your vegetarian running/blog mate. and yes, my pb+j was perfectly scrumptious. why thank you for asking!] and spread a thin layer of hummus on the tortilla and then added a slice of havarti and all the veggies I wanted.

For Tuesday I left off the hummus and did a little mayo, two slices of turkey, cheese and veggies.

Wednesday I wanted to try the whole shebang, so I did a think layer of humus, a slice of cheese, a slice of turkey and a few veggies. I loved how each day I could mix up the wraps and make them different. 

I got mega-sick before I could add more, but in the future, I’ll be adding some 'shrooms, maybe some spinach or arugula, or even sprouts. Love that the options are endless. My lunch looked so good that I even had a co-worker ask if I bought it from a nearby deli. Yay for a successful and veggie-filled idea: I was able to use the leftover tortillas and now I’ve got another option for my lunch routine.

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