Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dear windshield factor of 10 below,

Please go away! Monday morning I was ready to pound pavement - start the week off right (considering I may have not run on both Saturday and Sunday) - so when my alarm went off at 6:15, I was thoroughly disappointed to find swirling pouring SNOW! So what did I do but climb back into bed, and instead went to DDY for my first hot yoga in 2 months - which was awesome.

Tuesday morning normally consists of run of about 3 to 4 miles pre-weights workout. I say normally because I did not get to do that either because it was bloody windy. I had to settle instead for a little over 2 miles on the treadmill. Which, I know - I used to love the treadmill - but now not so much, I've adapted to life on the road, I don't want to go back to this again.

Last week I thought I had made it, I was basically as hard core as a navy seal - I had run in the morning when it was 28 degrees and I was bragging about everyone. I thought - hey, I can handle this, bring it on January and February. Oh, young grasshopper, how little do you know. The weather gods laughed in my face at my boastfulness and said "let's see how you handle the wind." I could even handle the feeling that after 4 miles my legs still felt numb - shouldn't they be good and warmed up after 4 miles?! But what I cannot handle is my face feeling like it's being slapped repeatedly! I turns me into a card holding member (with Sal) of the red face club. Last Thursday when I walked back into the Equinox to lift, everyone was like whuck is wrong with your face. It did not return to it's normal color until I got to work that day.

So this post started out as an open letter to the windshield factor. Now it's turning into an open letter to everything that went wrong with my running this week. Last night, I had pumped myself up to handle the cold for a run this morning. I checked the weather - the wind at 6am was only going to be blowing 4 mph. I could handle that. Not to mention I commandeered this little gem from my husband:
Sure it's a little big on me and makes me feel like I'm about to rob a bank, but the more my face is covered, the more likely it is I'll brave the cold at all.

....Then my flippin alarm failed to go off. I opened my eyes and immediately thought to myself, "self, it's entirely too light outside to be 5:15." In a panic I reached for my phone only to see that indeed - it was 7:13 - mother-cusser!

Just to stick the knife in when it really hurts - the DC area has accumulated 2 to 4 inches today in it's first substantial snow fall of this glorious season we call winter. The good news is it's not supposed to snow tomorrow - the bad news is it will inevitably freeze tonight which means it will be icy on the sidewalks tomorrow thus no running for Liv. (I really don't think it would be fun to handle the airport madness of the holidays on crutches next week)

I would say I'm hopeful for all of the running I'm planning to do whilst travelling the South for the next two weeks. One would think, "hey, it's the deep south, it should be much warmer down there." From the looks of the ten day forecast there is rain in my future just in time for Christmas, oh, and lows in the 20s.

....*sigh* - thanks weather gods

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