Monday, December 13, 2010

Just Another Musical Monday

While the Christmas music was lovely and all, we're just about over it. Call us Scrooge if you must, but it seems you can't go anywhere this time of year without getting bombarded with holiday tunes. So in an effort to hold on to our last dangling bits of holiday cheer, we're turning OFF the merry melodies - at least while running - and getting back to reality...

  1. Dog Days Are Over - Florence & the Machine
  2. Feel the Love - Cut Copy
  3. The Rabbit, the Bat & the Reindeer - Dr. Dog
  4. Shut Up and Let Me Go - the Ting Tings
  5. Run - Vampire Weekend
  6. Quiet Little Voices - We Were Promised Jet Packs
  7. Something Else - Diamond Rings
  8. And in honor of the Ghostland concert @ 9:30 this week... Sad Sad City - Ghostland Observatory
  9. Give Me the Beat - Ghostland Observatory
  10. Stranger Lover - Ghostland Observatory

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