Friday, December 17, 2010

Fatty Foodie Friday

Shaking things up a lil' bit this week with a Foodie Friday post from the non-cooking Footsy gal. While I haven't exactly given my culinary skills any fine-tuning this week (though I did turn on my oven... to heat up a frozen pizza... and then set off the smoke alarm), I have most certainly given my taste buds a workout (I plead the 5th on whether or not my running shoes have gotten a workout too).

I've made it my personal mission this week to fatten up a certain someone who "accidentally" lost 15 pounds recently (obvi we hate him for that). And clearly, it just wouldn't be right if I didn't take one for the team and match him bite for bite.

It's quite possible that I'm taking the "December Bender" to a dangerous extreme, but after all, it's basically charity work. Call me Mother Teresa if you must, but I've felt a personal calling to eat an excessive amount of not-exactly-fat-free-foods this week... for the sake of others, of course.

In case any of you folks are feeling called to join my cause - and if you happen to find yourself in the DC area soon, I've included a little highlight reel from this week's binge fest. WARNING: judgy health nuts need not read beyond this point. you simply won't be amused.

I wish I could say that this was a comprehensive list. Or at least that all of my other meals consisted of fresh green salads with lots of seasonal vegetables. But sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It's certainly not helping either that it's that "send-an-absurd-amount-of-cookies-to-the-office" time of year. I have absolutely zero will power when my route to the copier just happens to pass by 10 varieties of cookies and a barrel of popcorn. To make matters worse, this weekend will more than likely involve a lot of these...

and a lot of this...
Though I'm certainly feeling a wee bit convicted by the absurdity of my current eating habits - and perhaps a lil' guilty about ignoring the SOS calls from my arteries, I vow to soon return to my healthy healthIER lifestyle (and I'm hoping Liv is running enough for the both of us). In the meantime, hopefully this list will make you feel better about yourselves this week - or maybe just give you some foodie suggestions for the next time you're in the 'hood.

Merry Merry, folks! 'Tis the season for celebrating little round bellies that shake when we laugh like a bowlful of jelly!

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