Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So my 9th planet must have be in line with Mars and rotating in Saturn’s third ring or something like that because last Thursday, the Universe was with me - kismet! Liv + Sal were in each other’s heads all day long. The morning started with me sending her an email (although I very well could have told her through our cube wall that we share. But we do that a lot, email and gchat instead of using our words. Mostly because we’re probably not talking about things that are work place appropriate.)
So the email said basically to please not hate me or dis-own me as a co-blogger because I had not been pulling my weight around here. I was busy – busy decking the halls: 

And sitting in a box at the Verizon Center to see him (who I didn't realize is actually quite hilarious):

And making these: 

For this: 

Anyhoo – she responds (almost immediately) just like any bff would with “good timing, because I was just about to send you a snarky email saying as much.” Although I know she really wouldn’t do that because she would never was too busy with work. 

Then like thirty minutes later I forwarded her an email from the Lululemon running club about a run they were taking that weekend. (and a disclaimer that if she had already received that email it was because I so lovingly signed up her email address for all of Lulu’s emails and running club notices, ya know, because good friends just look out for each other to make sure their inboxes are properly flooded with crap). Not 30 seconds later, she shoots me a response, - “geez – I was just emailing you about this.”

And THEN the craziest of all crazies happened. My two favorite blogs in the history of ever were channeling our blog! First the Pioneer Woman has a guest writer who writes about our blog theme. (okay granted it would have been a little cooler if it was P-dubs herself that wrote about it – but whateves…it was on her website!) And Rants from Mommyland had a guest blogger the same day WE had a guest blogger, and they post a picture of the very. same. mantra.

Finally, to top it all off the day ends with me gchatting Sal with:

Liv: hey, before I forget - can I get a ride to work in the morning?
Sal: ha. was just going to ask you for a ride home from work tomorrow. no, I am not coming in in the morning, meeting downtown.
Liv: ah. Seriously - again with the ESP

And then we simultaneously realize, oh crap, now our carpooling plans for the next day are screwed.

See - Kismet.

The. End.

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