Monday, December 6, 2010

Luck Be Us Ladies

If only, if only we can win the lottery…then we can run 10 miles in April. Wait, whuck kind of lottery is that? Why, the lottery to enter the Cherry Blossom 10 miler of course!

We could probably think of many more lotteries we’d prefer to win – like the kind that involve us choosing the lump sum amount - but we'd also really, really like to be chosen for this one. After all, it adheres to our whole pre-training training plan.....and when there are kinks in my plans, I get a little testy.

vs. This:
You know how the saying goes, April showers.... - ick
So we had choices - do we enter as a group, either we all get in or we all go home, or individually?And if we enter as a group how many people do we force convince to do it with us?

Here is the problem though, I have AWFUL luck! I never win raffles or drawings or anything of the sort. I'm worried my bad luck will keep the Footsy gals out of the race! But we're entered, all three of us as a group - Liv + Sal and Megs (a footsy friend you'll meet later when we make her guest blog for us). Now all we have to do is wait till the results of the lottery are posted on December 14th, and in the mean time I'll be searching for four-leaf good-luck cherry blossoms.


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