Monday, April 4, 2011

Just Another Musical Monday

So I ended up getting a lil' April Fools Day surprise after all, but thankfully, it wasn't one of the predictable pranks usually associated with the day. Rather, I got a surprise visit and long-awaited return home from a certain someone in my life (who wasn't due to return to DC for several weeks from now).  He + Liv spent weeks planning the surprise, and somehow they managed to pull it off. Though my reaction was probably not what both of them had anticipated (I just sat there with my mouth open for 20 minutes without saying a word), I am beyond excited to have this kid back Stateside.

The good news is that I've been on cloud nine for the past few days and I had pretty much the best birthday a girl could ever ask for. The bad news is that he is highly detrimental to my training, and my running shoes are experiencing feelings of abandonment right now. That will all change today though - I'm playing hooky from work, and we're running down to check out the cherry blossoms and soak up a little sunshine.

And I also got a replacement ipod from my bad a$$ parents this weekend (not to mention, some itunes gift cards from my brothers and sisters-in-law), so I'm back in action with my running music. I will admit, I kind of enjoyed the solitude of running music-free - it was nice to know I actually am capable of running in silence. But at the same time, I'm ready to put a little pep back in my step.

Megs recently tipped me off about DJ Earworm, and though pop usually isn't my favorite thing, I've been known to get a little Gaga when I'm running. It's amazing how many of the songs sound EXACTLY like the next - and that becomes glaringly obvious in these mashups - but it all comes about in a delightfully entertaining tune that's just right to get your run on (and you can download all of the tunes for free).


    1. What a great birthday! So fun :).

    2. dude, that's a sweeeet song!

    3. Oh, WOW...What a Happy Birthday!Love to you!!!! I'm so glad your Mom sent me this :) I'll get to keep up with the progress...