Saturday, April 2, 2011

So You Say It's Your Birthday

Dear April – know why else we love you?? Because it’s Sal’s Birthday y’all! That’s right, today my bestie/neighbor/co-worker/cube-wall sharer/co-blogger/running partner is turning the big 2 - 7.

I scoured the aisles of CVS for the perfect card and came up short. Nothing was funny enough or great enough for dear ‘ol Sal. I left empty-handed determined I could do better than Hallmark. Consider this, if you will, my birthday ode to Sal via a little walk down memory lane (albeit, she might consider it more of a birthday roast once she sees the pictures I dug out of the archives).

We’ve come a long way from this….

To this...

Where the stars aligned and we ended up living in DC at the same time.

And while I have to say - I kinda wish we were celebrating your birthday here...

We're still going to have some of these

and maybe even shot-gun a beer.

So put on your party hat

Or just get fancy

Because today is your day, Birthday Queen, and we've got mimosas to drink, po' boys to eat and pubs to hit before we sleep!

You're the rubber to my road and the swoosh to my Nikes - I couldn't do this whole thing without you - or maybe I could force myself - but I wouldn't want to because I would never be as motivated or determined and it wouldn't be nearly as much fun!




  1. Happy Birthday to my baby girl! You are the BEST! I know this will be a birthday you never forget We love you! XOXOXO
    Love, Mom

  2. you guys are just too cute! happy b'day sal!

  3. Liv, I like this tribute to your best of see, true friends are like peeing on yourself-many people see it, but only you can feel the warmth it brings.

  4. those photos were just plain cruel, but thanks for the love, liv. xoxo

  5. Happy belated birthday!!!!!