Friday, April 1, 2011

Fools for April

April, you took your dear sweet time getting here, but you've finally arrived. We'll forgive you for making your entrance with one of the most ridiculous holidays of the year because today you're bringing with you the promise of sunshine. We've been living in darkness for oh so long that we're slightly concerned we may go blind when the sun finally peers out, but we sincerely thank you, dear April, for the long-awaited break from the doom and gloom of March. 

Thank you April for the ever so slow transition from the bitter cold - and for the opportunity to only wear ONE layer when we head out for early morning runs. And thank you for finally sharing with the rest of us the plethora of daffodils and tulips and cherry blossoms (oh my!) you've been hoarding all year.

Now, dear April, we DO have a few favors to ask of you. First of all, we reeeeeeeeally  need you to help the federal government to get its act together so that (besides all of the obvious, boring reasons like, oh, our country's national welfare) we can run the Parkway Classic next week. We've been working hard getting our bods in tip top shape for those 10 miles and, frankly, we're really excited about brunch afterwards (and it simply won't be the same to stuff our faces without running the race beforehand). 

We also ask of you April that you use your springtime super powers to keep out all remaining cold snaps. Our cold weather clothes are utterly exhausted (and in desperate need of dry cleaning that simply doesn't fit the budget right now). And since we're on the subject, if you wanted to drop some new springtime lulu clothes in our closets, well that'd be just fine by us. 

We're really not asking for much, April (and you should know that we're long-time fans of your work). We're excited to enjoy your warmer days outdoors and make the most of our time together before the sweltering days of June, July & August force their way in.

So thank you, April, for all that you do. 

Oh and P.S., if you could maybe direct any April Fool's jokes elsewhere, that'd be lovely. With the bitter taste of March still lingering in our mouths, we're feeling particularly vulnerable at the moment and we fear that we simply cannot handle the wrath of any jokesters right now. Okay, that is all. 

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  1. That is one of the THE most beautiful cherry blossom pics I've seen so far - gorgeous!