Monday, December 5, 2011

Just Another Musical Monday

I promise I didn't only select this song because the video has a lot of running. In fact, I first heard it on the radio, and I can prove it... whenever I'm driving around and I hear a song I like, I snap a pic so I'll remember the song/band (hopefully no DC cops are reading this right now. I promise, err, I usually, um, I sometimes wait until a traffic light)...

Anyway, it's funny how certain songs strike you at different times. Not really sure why this one jumped out at me when it did, but for whatever reason, I decided then that I wanted needed it on my iPod (for all of that running I'm not doing). That's enough blabbering. I'll let you decide for yourself...

Happy Monday,


  1. Hahaha Sally I think you and I are a lot alike! I do the exact same thing when I hear a song on XM radio that I like. However, I usually use Shazam before I take a picture. If Shazam can't recognize the song, I take a picture so I can look it up later.

    And P.S...I always thought you were like a part-time music store employee because you always have off-the-beaten-path-type artists and songs for us to check out. Now I know! I dunno, maybe you do work at a music store part-time, but Sirius XM (espesh SiriXM U) is definitely a great source.

  2. ha!! i love it. confession: now that i work so close to my office and i NEVER use my car, i hardly EVER listen to XM anymore. and i miss it! i get excited when i actually have to drive somewhere so i can catch up on some new tunes. i definitely rock out to new normal radio all the live long day at work too.