Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We Know You're Out There

No doubt we're working on our Christmas lists for Santa right now - and they may or may not include a riDONKulous number of items from lululemon (yes, again!) and the cycling store. But you know what we reeeeeeally want this year?? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

This blog has no doubt been a fantastic way for us to meet blogging buddies and get insider tips from you experienced athletes out there, and we have loved every second of it. There are certainly days when we're pretty sure the only people reading SFOF are our moms and... well... us. And that's totally okay! After all, the original purpose of this here thing was to hold ourselves accountable so we couldn't flake out on our marathon goal. 

But every so often, we hear from readers that we had no idea were even checking us out - and that's even more amazing! It's a fantastic reminder to us that our blog isn't entirely self-serving - it is introducing us to folks beyond our immediate social circle and perhaps even inspiring some of you to stick with your fitness goals, too. 

So, while a bazillion dollar gift certificate to lulu would always be appreciated (ahem), what we REALLY want is for you (YES YOU!) to take your clicker over to the right... and a wee bit down (below the Twitter feed)... you're almost there... wait for it... OKAY!

See that lil box that says "Join this site"? Click on it, enter your email address, and POOF! You're done. No... it doesn't mean you'll get any obnoxious emails from us; and no, we won't start cyber stalking you (unless you want us to). We know you're out there, we just wanna know who you are! 

Much love to ya, readers! Thanks for your support and keep on comin' back, ya hear?

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