Friday, December 16, 2011

The 10 Biggest Fitness Myths

Via Outside Magazine
It's more than a little frustrating when the things we think we "know" are contradicted time and time again. Honestly, I'm well past the point of really knowing what to believe anymore - particularly when it comes to fitness and running and thinking that I know what my body wants and needs. Outside Magazine put together this little list of the 10 biggest fitness myths - and there are quite a few upsetting "truths" in there. Take a look and decide for yourself...

Myth #1: Stretching prevents injuries and improves performance.
Myth #2: Running barefoot is better for the body. (Read the comments after this one. There are quite a few upset barefoot runners who wholeheartedly disagree with the author. Then again, that's a common trend for all of the myths)
Myth #3: You need to focus on your core to become a better athlete.
Myth #4: Guzzling water and electrolytes before a race prevents cramps.
Myth #5: Popping ibuprofen before a hard workout prevents sore muscles afterward.
Myth #6: Dehydration hurts race performance.
Myth #7: Ice baths speed recovery.
Myth #8: Long and slow is the best way to burn calories.
Myth #9: Fructose is a performance killer.
Myth #10: Supplements take performance to the next level.

Up for Debate: Massage boosts recovery after a tough workout.
Up for Debate: Surgery is the best remedy for an ACL tear.
Up for Debate: Cortisone shots speed healing after an injury.

Frankly, all of the "myths" and the subsequent comments leave me feeling more confused than ever, so I appreciated this guy's comment:

Remember, be objective and informed and in tune with your body. Do your homework. This article is just reporting an angle, its not definitive. I don't agree with most of the "myths", but it gives me a reason to go back and affirm exactly why I do not agree.

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