Sunday, September 25, 2011

So the Tables Have Turned

Not so very long ago, Mrs. Champion (aka Liv) seized the opportunity to exploit my birthday by publishing damaging photos of yours truly on this here bloggy thing. Horrified as I may have been, the sentiment was rather dear, so I decided to forgive my sweet BFF for her poor decision making skills.

And while I very well may have forgiven my friend and running buddy, you better believe I was ready to return the favor with a little “Ode to Liv” of my own. Liv was one step ahead of me though. That sneaky little gal is the queen of de-tagging on the ‘Book, and my high school yearbooks are miles and miles away, so my options were somewhat limited – and these will just have to do.

You see, Liv is now turning the ripe old age of…. Well, crap. I really can’t make fun of her age because she was always freakishly young for our grade… and I will always be older. So let’s just leave age out of it.

Anyway, Liv is getting older today (yay!) And she is no doubt peaking this year as far as bday celebrations go. She is spending a week in Napa, drinking herself silly with only a faint memory of some marathon that she may or may not be running in a few weeks (which is exactly how any week in Napa should be, btw).

So I’m sending out some birthday love through cyber space to my running buddy. You got me into this whole running mess and you’re the reason I can’t get out of it. And for that, I wanna kick you where the sun don't shine am forever grateful.

This year has pulled us apart in more ways than one. Our homes are now an entire .75 miles away from each other. Our desks at work were moved to opposite sides of the office... then to entirely different companies. Not to mention, the distance between our running pace has grown embarrassingly long – so much that, frankly, I don’t know if I’ll be able to see on marathon day with all that dust you’re kicking up in my face. And here you are on your birthday, celebrating all the way across the country! 

But distance be damned (ooh! Good marathon chant), you’re still my #1 gal. You’re the best peer pressuring BFF I could ask for - and I'm oh so very glad you and your running shoes entered this world 20-something years ago on this very day!


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