Monday, August 15, 2011

In case we weren't clear...

Have we mentioned how ridiculously awesome lululemon is? Yes? Only 5,000 times? Well, they are. And here's one of the gazillions of reasons why...

Yesterday, Liv, PTW and I attended a FREE session of hot yoga at Down Dog Yoga specifically offered to Marine Corp Marathoners - so it targeted the muscles that get particularly tight when running. The class itself was amaze balls, and I'm currently feeling the aftermath in a big way. By far the highlight of the class was listening to the constant stream of sweat dripping off PTW within the first 30 seconds of class - it was truly offensive. 

But I digress. After all of that hard work, a MCM organizer stood up to give us some insider tips on the upcoming race and offer some encouraging words. And then, one of our favorite gals from the lululemon run club  popped up and offered us a free pair of running shorts! That's right - I got to pick out THE running shorts I've been drooling over from summertime wish list

I was one happy and extremely sweaty gal. Gracias lulu!

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