Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summertime Wish List

This intense summer heat has forced me to cycle through my running gear a lot quicker than normal. It doesn't matter if I go for a 3-mile run or a 10-mile run, I come back completely drenched and smelling not-exactly-peachy. As a result, I've been sporting some of my less fashionable running gear - which I'm totally fine with - but I find myself longing for the functionality of lulu.

While lulu gear is without a doubt overpriced, they do such a fantastic job of sticking pockets and loop holes in all the right places so it's easy to tote around my running essentials. My old school soffees (yeesh) are majorly lacking in that department, which has been problematic since I try to run home from work and bring with me everything I'll need until the next day. 

My momma hooked me up with these two pieces while she was in lulu's place of birth, oh Canada!

The Run: Swiftly Racerback is oh so lightweight and super long, so I can trot along without worrying about exposing more than I'd like. And I'm kind of obsessed with lulu's chafe-resistant flat seams... that becomes especially important during long runs when it feels like just about everything is rubbed raw. 

The Run: Tempo Crop: II has all the perfect pockets, is surprisingly lightweight and the ruching on the sides is just too darn cute. I'm a huge fan of the "body mapping anti-stink circle mesh" that cuts down on my not-so-girly scent. 

And now on to my wish list...

I saw the Run: Split Short in the store the other day and they look perfectly airy and light. So many of my shorts ride up and bunch and flop around in all of the wrong places, and from what I can tell, these guys seem like they would flow with ease. Plus, the product description says they're "made for winning marathons" so this seems like a no-brainer, right??

I'm kind of questioning how supportive the Bliss Tank really is (those straps seem questionable to me); however, I LOVE how flowy and breezy this baby is. Plus, the loose fit could double as a sweat rag around mile 4 (or not...?)

And lulu's brand new weightless gear was love at first sight for me. It has a weird feel and texture to it, but it looks unbelievably lightweight... like, bordering on non-existent. Both the Run: Weightless Singlet and the Run: Weightless Split Short have breathable holes and are made of an ultra light swift fabric that wicks away moisture and dries super quick. 

Now all I need is a sugar daddy! Or a lululemon sponsorship... 


  1. When you find that hook-up, let me know 'cause I love some Lulu also! The last pair of shorts in particular are pretty cool looking.

  2. oh, i could live in that tank and those crops you got!! what a nice momma!!

  3. the shorts look AMAZING! on my wish list too, now. :)