Friday, August 26, 2011

Low Energy Runs: Cross-training too hard

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In the final day of analyzing Coach Jenny's 6 Reasons for Low Energy Runs, I'm supposed to take a look at my cross-training, but I can tell you right now, this is not my problem (via Ask Coach Jenny):

Cross-training too hard. I'm an advocate for weaving in cross-training for a variety of reasons, but when you push too hard, it can affect your runs. For example, CrossFit is a great workout, but it is done at an extremely high intensity. The combination of your half-marathon training and very high intensity cross-training sessions can create energy lows. It's all about balancing training stress and recovery to reach the finish line successfully.

I'm working on amping up my cross-training (in fact, I'm headed to the gym just as soon as I finish this blog post); however, I've been B.A.D. about it thus far. I've found that it's hard enough to squeeze in the appropriate number of runs each week, and then when you add cross-training on top of that, I starting having a Jesse Spanno "There's no time. There's never any time!" breakdown.

I have no false illusions about how important cross-training is. Liv is always on top of her cross-training workouts, and I think it's a large part of why she is totally smoking me with this whole running thing. I took some time off from the gym, so that somewhat hindered my variety of cross-training workouts. And frankly, when I'm there now, I spend more time people watching than I do sweating. And I'm sure I could come up with plenty more excuses if I wasn't already so hungry and ready to knock out this workout so I can stuff my face afterward. 

So rather than bore you with reasons why "cross-training too hard" is most definitely NOT my issue, I'm off to do some people-watching cross training.  1-2-3 BEND! 1-2-3 STRETCH!

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