Sunday, August 21, 2011

6 Reasons for Low Energy Runs

I've been majorly dragging on my mid-week runs lately, and it has definitely bummed me out in a big way. It's frustrating to feel like I'm mostly sticking to the training plan but my feet just shuffle along like a 90-year old woman racing to the early bird special. 

A large part of it is no doubt the result of my absolute inability to run in the morning lately. Try as I might, my body is permanently glued to my bed this summer until the very last minute when I absolutely HAVE to get up and get ready for work. So my weekday runs have been pushed to after work, when the heat is at its worst and I'm completely and utterly brain dead. 

Coach Jenny just identified six variables that could be weighing me down in a recent post, so I'm going to spend this week analyzing each (one per day) to determine why my body can't seem to keep up. 

Six Reasons for Low Energy Runs (Via Ask Coach Jenny):

  1. Training effort
  2. Quantity of long runs
  3. Progression of long runs
  4. Fuel replenishment
  5. Sleep
  6. Cross-training too hard
Time to get to the bottom of this...

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