Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let's Move

Things have been quiet around here lately. Sal had family in town and then she had to move (sadly we no longer live around the block from each other...the distance between us has increased from 0.2 miles to 0.9 miles - tragic I know) and now she's sick.

I - on the other hand -really have no excuse, except that things have heated up at work again as we try and file our first quarter financial statements. That and I've kinda been 'blah' lately. For the first time since we've started this thing, this past weekend I didn't do a long run - *gasp*! And it's even more frustrating now because I had great plans to extend my mileage to 11.

But my knee has really been bothering me lately. Yesterday I had to cut my run short at 2 miles because even wearing my little strap brace, it was too uncomfortable. Never before have I felt any pain while just walking around, except for the past few days. So I iced it twice yesterday and today it's feeling better. I did yoga and swam this morning to give it a little rest and I'll ice it again today and then try a run tomorrow to see how it feels.

For a little inspiration to buck up and get myself moving after my mental check-out, I am loving this video from the one and only Beyonce in support of FLOTUS's "Let's Move" campaign:

I may or may not be posting up in front of my computer after work to learn the moves myself. I can't resist good music video choreography, it's the cheerleader in me. Plus I have to be ready with my moves for the SPDF if they play this tune. (I'm not going to expand on what that acronym means because if you don't know, it's for the better)

Today one of my fave DC Blogs shared this video of the First Lady putting her moves into action at a DC middle school. One day I will have her arms.

Get moving,

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  1. If I could dance and sing like Beyonce my life would be complete. Thanks for sharing her awesomeness.