Tuesday, May 10, 2011


You would think with this particular type of injury or diagnosis - I would be a little more upbeat about it and thankful that it's something that is typically self-treatable (and I am - there are injuries that are much worse). Of course the number one thing I need to do is the awful four-letter word for any athlete in training - r.e.s.t. Not that I don't cherish every single one of my rest days that are scheduled in training plans, but I'm definitely not looking to take an extended rest period right before full marathon training begins.

The frustrating thing about resting is the question of how long. How long do I have to rest enough to heal or feel better where I can run again? It's clear 4 days isn't enough because that's how many days I took off before my painful experiment yesterday of "am I ready yet."

So now I've already skipped two consecutive weekend long runs to rest and I just feel all of the training and mileage I've built up slipping away. How fast can you lose your base mileage? When I am ready to get back into it - am I going to have to start from scratch, or can I pick up where I left off? These are my questions - and I bet there is no definitive answer. I wish there was some omniscient running god that could tell me my fate.

What's also frustrating is that the marathon training program I'm interested in begins on June 4th, and I've been so looking forward to that because I haven't loved this being in limbo since May/making up my own run plans, gig. I like having specific programs to follow. I need someone to tell me what to do - esp being a newbie. So on June 4th I'm supposed to start with a 10 miler - will I be ready for that? I've run that distance several times before. Or am I going to be behind before it even begins?

Then there are the scariest questions of all running through my mind (pun intended) - what if it never feels better? Will I always be plagued by this? Is my knee just not cut out for running so much, so often, or long distances? I truly hope the answer is, it will feel better and you can do this - because I really like being a runner.

Off to get some ice,


  1. I hope your knee feels better soon. Rest is your best friend right now. Have you also thought about alternative treatments like acupuncture or ultrasound therapy?

    I love that "God did an easy three" graphic. Is there a company out there that sells t-shirts with that design? I so want one!

  2. Olivia!

    Hey there! I got your comment last week but am just getting back to where I can answer you—please forgive how late the response is!

    I found the Skinnygirl at Chan's Wine World. We drove over to the one in Destin (Clifton wanted to go there bc they had the beer selection he wanted.), but I think there are several locations. Y'all have fun on your vacation!

    I'm so sorry about your knee and I hope it heals quickly. And I love your blog, too! You and Sal are so funny.

    Hope you're doing well!

  3. Clearly I've been as behind on blogging as you were at running, BUT I wanted to chime in that I think you'll be surprised how long you maintain a base. I've gone two months without running, only to then run a marathon PR despite being woefully unprepared! You hold onto it longer than you think.